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Local Photography in Deerfield Beach

brick paved road called A1A runs alongside the ocean in Deerfield Beach. Lined with palm trees and cafes.
Sidewalk in Deerfield Beach

Do you know the streets here are paved in gold? Ok, maybe not gold, but the seaside road (A1A) is newly redesigned, and paved in brick, lined with palm trees, grass, and ocean on one side, and cafes, restaurants, and poolside hotels on the other.

Play free volleyball in the sand with the nets provided by the city, or you can count your mile increments on the brick sidewalk when you rollerblade, walk, jog or just stroll.

Grassy stretch of lawn that runs alongside of the Ocean in Deerfield Beach between the street (A1A) and the sea. Perfect place to sit in your chair or lay on your towel if you hate sand.
Perfect spot if you hate sand




If you don't care for the sand, you can set your chair or towel up on a wide stretch of grass that overlooks the ocean. Surfing is permitted here in what many consider the best public spot in Florida.

fish for fish on the deerfield beach salt water fishing pier no boat required
No Boat Required!



Deerfield Beach also has a fantastically long fishing pier and a two mile stretch of seaside boardwalk. Running alongside it all is a sidewalk that is a nice, relaxing step outside of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Air Traffic Control at an airshow.

Sun & Fun 2007
Lakeland, FL.
Get an insider's look at aerobatics slideshow click here>

balancing a soccer ball on his head
Balancing act

click here to view a Brazilian style soccer on the beach 5/07 slideshow


Guy surfing ocean sea surfboard
Incredible talent!

Surfing Deerfield Beach 5/07 slideshow click here>


Guy surfing ocean sea surfboard
Dozens of surfers at Deerfield Tower 9



Can you believe it? Surfable waves here in Deerfield Beach! 5/07 slideshow click here



hurricain wilma toppled a tree into a car
Hurricane Wilma toppled a tree into a car 2005

In 2005 Hurricane Wilma (click for slideshow) left Deerfield Beach without power for over two weeks. You could drive completely through Palm Beach County, Broward County all the way through Dade County without seeing any houses with lights on.

Gasoline was nonexistent; to get fuel you had to already have enough gas for the 4 hour trek to Orlando, which is where the closest place to find gas was. Then you had to drive back with extra cans and tanks full of fuel.

Local businesses that rely on power were empty. There was no work for people who were employed by restaurants, malls, gas stations, or movie theaters. They went a month without paychecks, but still the bills came. It was total devastation and nighttime was completely, totally dark since there was no power. We were without land line phones for a month and without cell phones for two to three weeks. Two years later, many folks down here are still without roofs; it's not unusual to see blue tarps flapping in the wind right where a roof should be.

I video taped a two story marina falling to the ground when the eye passed over our house. My house was fine, but you can see from the pictures what happened to the Marina that used to do business next door. Marina One blew completely apart that day. click here>

Soccer on the beach 5/8/2007



Surfing 5/5/07 Deerfield Beach near the pier  



A weather phenomenon caused huge waves and flooding in coastal areas for about 48 hours. These shots were taken 5/8/07.



Sun and Fun Air show 2007, taken by an LAL controller



Hurricane Wilma blew through in October 2005.

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