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Look HOT, Not Sweaty!
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No matter what your hair type, keeping it from going 'beast' at the beach can be a real challenge.

Whether it's thick, thin, straight or curly, the wind and humidity can instantly wipe out your style. The very best control trick out there is to use only humidity- and moisture-resistant hair products. Depending on your activity level and how wet you want to get in the water, you don't have to forsake form for function.

Start with shampoo and conditioners that are NOT moisturizing. The last thing you want to do is draw moisture to your hair if you want it to hold its style. Look for "anti-frizz," "anti-humectant," and/or "straightening" on the label. That direction goes for hair that is already straight, too.

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The next thing you want is L'anza's Strait Line styling products. With the hair still damp, work it through before drying. In my experience, Lanza's Strait Line gives the best results of all the products on the market, but you'll have to go to the salon (or ebay) to get it. Even if your hair is already stick-straight, you'll be amazed at how long your style will hold. Down here in Florida, the humidity is such a style killer.

Once your hair is blow dried or air dried in the style you desire, you have to consider how hard you want your finished style to be. If you're going to swim or be active in volleyball or something, go with a bit of an updo, with clips or a scarf and a light spray, or just scrunch your locks into meticulous disarray, then lightly spray for control.

If you're going to stay dry, go with a looser look and a firm spray. One of this season’s hottest trends is the “un-do” - an updo that’s purposely loose and looks like it’s about to tumble down. To achieve this look of stylish dishevelment, simply pin up random sections of hair with bobby pins and then let the rest hang loose for a sexy tousled look. This was the look worn by Nicole Kidman at this year’s Oscars.

hair updo style for swimming in the ocean at Deerfield Beach

Another style killer is oil from your face. As long as your skin isn't too sensitive, put on a very light application of oil absorbing, anti-pimple cream under your sunscreen. This will help keep your bangs from sticking to your face.

Again, whichever style you choose, stay AWAY from hair and face products that promise to moisturize. Moisture is the enemy if you want your style to hold outdoors!

Don't forget; no matter what you decide to do with your hair,
the most attractive thing you can do for yourself is to smile.

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